I was born in Italy but I made New York my second home in 1986. My husband and I purchased a ranch and moved to Montana in 2001.

In my spare time, I developed my artistic talent by creating works inspired by my love of nature and the elements. My favorite hobby is photography, but I also love oil painting, woodworking, stain glass and beading on a loom. Recently, I decided to create a jewelry line in semi-precious stones.As a nature and animal lover, I frequently find myself among some of Mother Nature's most spectacular creations.

As is often the case with art, my jewelry creations are constantly evolving. Everything about Montana inspires me to create jewelry that reveals no fear in the use of color. Vibrant, intense, and colorful ~ that's how I see the world and that's what my jewelry reflects.

The magic spell of the Arabian horse is woven in a fabric of love and beauty, and nowhere this is more apparent than at our ranch, Diamond M Arabians.Our involvement with Arabian horses can be best described as a way of life for us. We live on our farm with our horses and nearly everything we do each day is in some way related to our horses. Arabian horses have been a major part of our lives for over nine years now.

Is it more work that we ever dreamed of getting into? Absolutely. But every evening when the breeze comes in, and our horses start chasing each other around our pasture, we know that this is where we've always belonged.

Unique Handmade Creations

Greetings from the Big Sky Country and thanks for stopping by! I am always creating new designs so if you don't see something that you like this time I hope you will visit again!